Friday, 8 July 2011

Release 1.0.1

Pure Java MP3 Encoder. Ideal solution for a built-in MP3 encoder library.
Supported source formats:

- WAVE_FORMAT_IEEE_FLOAT 32bit per sample only

For more detailed information about the source encoding please review Wav Format Spec



  1. Hi,

    have tried this on android and it is really slow. Probably because of limitations on object heap and OR dalwik difference versus hotspot. Still great stuff to have this pure java implementation.

  2. I managed to get this to work as well, both on PC and Android.

    However, the Jar and also the bundle of files contain a lot of redundant files.

    The jar contains a UI, but this can be deleted (from the JAR) if you remove the ui folder.
    Also change the manifest to remove the main class stuff and the classpath to the other libraries as they are not needed if you are not using the UI.

    In fact, I'm not sure why half the JARs are in the bundle, e.g. ADT even for the the UI example in the bundle.

    I'm using the run() method in mp3.Main as it behaves a lot like the lame exe, however there is a minor issue on Android with an IOException at the end of the writing of the MP3, but this doesn't seem to cause a malformed MP3 file, i.e it still seems to be usable

  3. What is audio .Please detail at lower level.what is video file .what is technical difference in both audio and video file. how to convert into video file if I have audio and image.